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Hi, you can't learn that for the movie it is hidden under the picture? Welcome to this page Guess the Movies answers Windows Phone - simple guess game!

The Guess the Movie includes 10 levels with 16 different and difficult pictures in everyone. In each level of the game to you various movies from the romantic drama to the horror film will meet. But any person doesn't know all movies and pictures in Guess the Movie helps not always give an exact explanation.

When you begin new Level Pack in Guess the Moie Windows Phone all levels go on an order and it is impossible to pass them. Your task it is correct to solve the movie by the image, but there are cases when it is necessary to use the help. So why you have to spend the helps? Use our convenient list of Guess the Movie answers Windows Phone!.

If you think over the answer rather long time you need to visit our Guess the Movie answers website and to tell about it to friends.

And if you assume that the game is very simple, you are mistaken. This version of Guess the Movie is one of the most difficult from series by solve films. For you represent the best chance to check your knowledge in a world cinema.

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