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94% Stick

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94% Stick answers
Lip, Lipstick
It's what you kiss with
Pogo, Pogostick
It has pedals and springs for you to jump up and down on
Walking, Walk, Walking stick
It's a less aerobic form of jogging
Chap, Chapstick
It's what happens when your lips are dry, or a slang term for a man
Glue, Glue stick
It's an adhesive
Hockey, Field hockey, Hockey stick
It's a team sport played on ice or land
Match, Matchstick
You strike it to start a fire
Chop, Chopstick
It's a synonym for cut or dice
Broom, Broomstick
Cleaners use them, witches ride them

Drum, Drumstick
Types include snare, base and bongo

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