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94% Fashion trends from the 80s

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94% Fashion trends from the 80s answers
Leg warmers, Legwarmers, Leg warmer
Despite their name, this aerobics accessory  only insulates half of an extremity
Neon, Bright colors, Bright, Neon colors
This type of color can be easily seen - even in the dark
Big hair, Crimped hair, Frizzy hair, Poofy hair, Teased hair, Puffy hair
Hair spray, crimping and backcombing made this trend possible
Shoulder pads
These made everyone look like they had good posture or built up their trapezius
Headbands, Head bands, Headband
This decorative accessory is also practical to keep loose strands out of eyes
Scrunchies, Scrunchy
Worn on the wrist or head, it's named for the appearance of the fabric

Leggings, Tights
This strecthy trend made it hard to hide your lower lumps and bumbs

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