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94% A food made from corn

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94% A food made from corn answers
Popcorn, Pop corn, Kettle corn
It's what you eat at the cinema
Cornbread, Bread, Corn bread, Muffin, Muffins, Corn muffin, Corn muffins
It can be more sweet or salty, usually associated with the American south
Tortilla, Tortilla chips, Chips, Tortillas, Corn chips, Taco, Nachos, Tacos, Chip, Crisps, Doritos, Taco shells
It's what you pile all your taco ingredients into
Cereal, Cornflakes, Corn flakes, Flakes
You eat it with milk for breakfast

Corndog, Corn dog, Corndogs
It's deep fried with meat in the middle and served on a stick

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