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94% A disgusting job

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94% A disgusting job answers
Garbage man, Bin man, Trash man, Garbage collector, Trash collector, Rubbish man, Garbage truck, Dustbin man, Rubbish collector, Garbage disposal, Refuse collector, Trash collecter, Waste management, Garbage truck driver
He or she stops by your house once or twice a week in the early morning
Janitor, Cleaner, Maid, Custodian, Cleaning lady
He or she keeps school and office buildings clean

You call one if a plunger doesn't solve the problem
Doctor, Surgeon, Proctologist, Gynocologist, Pathologist, OBGYN, Foot doctor
Seuss, Strangelove and Phil are famous ones
Sewer worker, Sewer, Sewage, Sewage worker, Sewer cleaner, Sewage cleaner, Sewage treatment
They may run into rats and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at work
Farmer, Maggot farmer, Pig farmer
Old MacDonald was one
He or she always tries to talk to you when you have hands in your mouth
Butcher, Slaughter house
He or she legally cuts up and sells bodies for a living
Exterminator, Pest control, Pest controller
You call one of these when a trap or spray doesn't work

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