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94% A device that is no longer used

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94% A device that is no longer used answers
Typewriter, Type writer, Typewriters, Type writers
The sound of the keys and carriage return used to fill offices
VCR, VHS, VHS player, Vcr player, VHS tapes, VHS tape, VHS format
This machine was how people watched and recorded videos

Walkman, Cassette player, Cassette, Cassette tape, Cassette tapes, Cassettes, Walkmen
This let you listen to your music on the move before mp3s or CDs
Pager, Pagers
The only people who still use these for communication are doctors
Record player, Record, Records, Record players
These played 33s, 45s and 78s by dropping a needle on the desired song
Telegraph, Telegram
It changed communication, enabling messages to be sent long distance instantly
Flip phone, Flip phones
You opened this phone to answer it, and closed it to hang up
Gameboy, Game boy
This made it possible to play Super Mario Bros. anywhwere, like the car or bus
Floppy disk, Floppy disc, Diskette
This flexible data storage device held between 1 to 240MB

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