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94% A detective's equipment

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94% A detective's equipment answers
Magnifying glass, Spyglass
You can use this in the sunlight to fry ants and other insects
Notebook, Paper, Notepad, Note pad, Pad, Pad of paper
It is used daily by students, police and reporters

Gun, Guns, A gun
It uses combustion to propel an object at a target
Hat, Top hat, Cool hat, Deerstalker hat
Cowboys, chefs and baseball players wear these
Camera, Cameras
It captures a moment and memory
Coat, Trench coat, Overcoat, Black coat, Detective coat, Long coat
It may be used as a disguise, or to keep warm and dry
Gloves, Glove, Latex gloves, Rubber gloves
They're used to protect hands from cold, germs and injury

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