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94% A dangerous job

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94% A dangerous job answers
Police, Policeman, Cop, Police officer, Police man, A cop, A police man, A police officer, Being a police officer, SWAT team
They protect and serve
Firefighter, Fireman, Fire fighter, Fire, Firemen, A firefighter, A fire fighter, fire service
They save your house from destruction and cats from trees

Army, Navy, Soldier, Military, Air Force, Armed forces, Armed services, Army cadet, Army officer
The camouflage doesn't hide how dangerous the job is
Construction, Builder, Construction worker, Building, Welding, A construction worker, Scaffolder
There is a reason they wear hard hats
Miner, Mining, A miner, Coal mining
These workers aren't in the dark about dangers like wall collapses or explosions
Pilot, Airline pilot, Air plane driver, Airplane pilot
They always have another professional with them at 30,000 feet
Lion tamer, Zoo keeper
They're friendly with cats you wouldn't want in your house
Electrician, Lineman, Electricity, electricity pole worker
They make sure you have light and heat without sparks and fires
Stuntman, Stunt man
They do what other people won't for entertainment

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