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94% A common phobia

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94% A common phobia answers
Arachnophobia, Spiders, Spider, Arachnaphobia, Aracnaphobia, Aracnophobia, Arachniphobia, Fear of spiders
Seeing a web would probably start to worry someone with this phobia
Acrophobia, Heights, Height, Hights, Fear of heights, Afraid of heights
This phobia would make the view from the top of the Empire State building scary

Claustrophobia, Small spaces, Claustraphobia, Tight spaces, Closed spaces, Clausterphobia, Clostraphobia, Small places, Confined spaces, Enclosed spaces
You'd probably avoid tunnels or submarines if you had this phobia
Nyctophobia, Dark, Darkness, The dark, Fear of the dark
You'd probably have a night light light if you had this phobia
Agoraphobia, Crowds, Social, Agorophobia
You'd probably spend most of your time inside if you had this phobia
Germaphobia, Germs, Germ, Dirt, Germophobia, Germaphobe
You'd probably always have hand sanitizer or soap on hand if you had this phobia

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