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94% level 335 answers

94% Something politicians do when running for office answers
Lie, Cheat
They say when you do this your pants are on fire
Campaign, Travel
It is the same for a plan to expose a candidate, new idea or product
Speak, Speeches, Speech, Make speeches, Give speeches, Speaches
It's something many people have a fear of doing to a big audience
It could be described as organized arguing
Promise, Make promises, Promises
Some people pinky swear when they do this
Shake hands
It's what you do when you meet someone or when you make a deal

Fundraise, Raise money
People do this through bake sales, car washes, 5K runs and galas

94% Something people do on a lunch break other than eat answers
Talk, Phone, Chat, Call, Gossip, Phone call, Talk on phone, Phone calls, Go on phone, Socialize, Use phone, Talk on the phone, Make phone calls, Make calls, Call someone, Talk to friends, Make a call, Call family, Make a phone call, Make phone call, Make phonecalls, Talk to people, Talk with friends
It's done face to face or on the phone to communicate
Sleep, Nap, Take a nap
It's what you're supposed to do 8 hours a day to feel well rested
Exercise, Walk, Run, Work out, Gym, Go for a walk, Workout, Take a walk, Go to the gym, Exersize, Excersize
It's good to keep your weight and clood pressure down
Shop, Shopping, Go shopping
It's what people do out of necessity or for "retail therapy" and fun
Read, Read newspaper, Read book, Read a book, Read news, Read paper
You do this with books, newspapers and Web sites
Play, Play games, Play on phone, Games, Play game, Play 94%, Play cards, Play phone, Play games on phone, Play on computer, Play on their phone, Play on their phones
It's what kids and adults like to do to have fun

Errands, Run errands, Pay bills, Bank, Doctor, Errand, Appointments, Banking, Go to bank, Pick up kids, Dentist, Run errand, Run an errand
It's the catch all word for the little chores we have to do out of the house

94% level 335 picture answers

94% level 335 picture answers
Window washers, Clean, Windows, Window, Cleaning, Wash, Cleaners, Window washer, Window cleaner, Window cleaners, Washers, Window cleaning, Window washing
They use a a squeegee and water for their job
Skyscraper, Building, Buildings, High rise, Sky scraper
It is the main feature in a city skyline
High, Heights, Height, High up
A lot of people are afraid of being up there
Dangerous, Scary, Danger
It's how you describe something with a lot of risk

It's what you use when mopping, cleaning or painting

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