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94% level 316 answers

94% A noisy appliance answers
It makes smoothies smooth
Washing machine, Washer, Laundry machine, Washing mashine
It has delicate, dark and white cycles
Vacuum, Hoover, Vaccum, Vacuum cleaner, Vaccuum, Vacum, Vaccum cleaner, Vaccuum cleaner, Vacum cleaner
It picks up the smallest dirt from the floor
Microwave, Microwave oven
It's a fast way to heat up food or pop popcorn
Dishwasher, Dish washer
It gets all the baked on food off your dishes
Dryer, Tumble dryer, Clothes dryer
It's a quick way to get clothes warm and ready to wear
Hair dryer, Hairdryer, Blow dryer, Blowdryer
It helps you style your 'do with hot air

Mixer, Beater, Electric mixer, Hand mixer, Food mixer
It saves your arm from whisking dough

94% Double answers
It's what kids get in when they disobey their parents
It's what you call someone from Holland
It's what you can get from soap or gum
Decker, Decker bus
You'd say a double this for a two story bus or sandwich
It's what people do to get to know each other romantically
It's what we use to schedule our days
It's part the expressions "Give and...." or "...it or leave it"
It's what people do to force someone to do something, kids play "truth or ..."
It's the opposite of up

Digit, Digits
It's another word for number or finger

94% level 316 picture answers

94% level 316 picture answers
Meal, Food, Lunch, Meals, Dinner, Meal prep, Meal plan, Meal planning, Breakfast, Foods, Planned meals
Most people eat 3 of these a day
Water, Bottle, Water bottle, Waterbottle, Bottle of water, Bottled water
You're supposed to drink 8 glasses of this a day
Organized, Plan, Organised, Ocd, Organize, Planning, Order, Organization, Prepared, Planned, Organisation, Tidy
People use labels, boxes and calendars to be this
Computer, Keyboard, Laptop, Computer keyboard
Office workers spend hours in front of this at work every day
Work, Office, Working
It's what most adults do for 8 hours a day to make a living
80 percent of the world's population has a mobile one
It's smell and caffeine perk you up in the morning

Healthy, Diet, Health
How people try to eat to lose weight or improve their bodies

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