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94% level 294 answers

94% A job in which you may yell a lot answers
Teacher, Teaching, Instructor, Gym teacher, PE teacher, Dance teacher, Teachers
He/she looks forward to summer as much as the kids
Coach, Coaching, Football coach, Sports coach, Sport coach
He/she helps athletes do their best
Police officer, Police, Cop, Policeman, Police man, Traffic cop
He/she protects and serves
Construction worker, Construction, Builder, Foreman, Building
He/she wears a toolbelt and hardhat for work
Lawyer, Solicitor
This person makes researched arguments for a living
Chef, Cook, Cooking
This person's job is to leave you full and happy
Actor, Auctioner, Auction, Acting, Actress, Voice actor
This person pretends to be someone else for a living
Referee, Umpire, Ref, Refferee, Referree, Reff
This person's job is to ensure athletes are playing by the rules

This person speaks quickly and bangs a gavel to mark a sale

94% A word that starts with "comp" answers
Competition, Compete, Competitive
This is what drives people to do their best in a group of peers
Many people sit in front of one of these for hours at work every day
When something has all of its parts and is finished, it is this
Composition, Compose
It's the make up of something
Company, Companies
It's what CEOs run
Compare, Comparing, Comparitive
It's what you do when you look at the pros and cons of choices
It is what you do with organic garbage

It's what two people do when they want different things, but agree in the middle

94% level 294 picture answers

94% level 294 picture answers
Horn, Instrument
Bulls, rams, buffalo and cars have this
Africa, African, Savannah, Aftica
It is where people go on safari
It's the color of strawberries, blood and fire trucks
Tribe, Tribal, Natives
A group people who are mainly self sufficient and not integrated into society

Culture, Tradition, Ritual, Traditional
The habits, customs and beliefs of a group of people

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