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94% level 271 answers

94% A type of bean answers
Green, Green bean, String, Green beans, String bean
The color of grass, broccoli and celery
Black, Black bean, Black beans
It's the darkest color, used in printing to produce many colors
Kidney, Kidney bean, Kidney beans
This organ works in a pair to filter our waste and water from blood
Lima, Lima bean, Lima beans
It's the capital of Peru
Baked, Baked bean, Baked beans
This is what is done to a cake to turn it from batter to dessert
Pinto, Pinto bean, Pinto beans
These brown speckled beans are used in Mexican or TexMex food as refried beans
Jelly, Jelly bean, Jellybean, Jelly beans
These beans are made in a factory from sugar, not grown in nature

Coffee, Coffee bean, Coffee beans
These beans are ground to make a drink that perks you up

94% A form of transportation without wheels answers
Boat, Ship, Canoe, Ferry, Yacht, Boats, Sailboat, Boating, Sailing
It can be propelled by oars, a motor or sails
Walking, Walk, Running, Feet, Run, Legs, Jogging, Foot
It is less aerobic than jogging
Horse, Horseback, Horses, Horse back riding, Horse riding, Horse back
It's a cowboy's form of transportation
Sled, Sleigh, Sledge, Dog sled, Sledding, Dogsled
It is easier to get down a snowy slope on this than skis
Skis, Ski, Skiing
Biathlon competitors wear these

Hot air balloon, Hot air ballon, Hot air baloon, Hotair balloon
This takes you high above ground in a wicker basket

94% level 271 picture answers

94% level 271 picture answers
Gold, Fools gold
This metal comes in white, yellow and rose color, and is often used for jewelry
Pencil, Pen
It's best to use this to take a test in case you want to change an answer
Scale, Scales, Weighing scale, Balance, Weighing machine
This is what people on a diet step on frequently
Weight, Weigh, Weighing, Weights
This measurement is often used by people trying to get bigger or smaller
Jar, Bottle
This is what pickles, jam and mustard come in

Nugget, Nuggets
This word can be used to describe a small piece of chicken or gold

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